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June 2010

  • Recycling for Remote Kodiak

    neeed flyer link

    Attention air taxis, remote wilderness lodges, set-netters and independent travelers to remote Kodiak Island!

    The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is working with Threshold Services and Sustainable Kodiak to increase recycling in our remote areas.   Download the flyer here for more information on how to participate.

  • Coast Guard Newcomer's Welcome Aboard

    The Coast Guard Newcomer’s Welcome Aboard Fair will be held on August 11, 2010, from 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. at the Base gym. The Newcomer's Welcome Aboard is a great opportunity for businesses to meet new Coast Guard personnel and their families.  Getting your business information in front of these folks when they first arrive can help bring business to your door.

    To reserve a space at the Welcome Aboard, contact Linda at 487-5059.  You can even rent a table from them for $20 if you don't want to haul one out to the gym.  Reservations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Member Spotlight: Alaska Waste

    Alaska Waste
    1621 Mill Bay Road

    Kodiak, AK 99615
    P: 907.486.5308
    carollm@alaskawaste.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    The times, they are a-changin'

    Change seems to be around us in many ways these days, even when it comes to waste management and Alaska Waste is excited to bring new waste collection technology to the island. Their new 7-year contract with the Kodiak Island Borough means Alaska Waste will not only be able to expand roadside Roll Cart service within the City of Kodiak, but they will also be able to take over the billing process for all residential and commercial customers.

    "Alaska Waste started as a small business in Anchorage and grew overnight in May 2005 after acquiring Waste Management of Alaska," explains site manager Rick Vahl. He credits safety, service and productivity as the success factors that have allowed Alaska Waste grow into a company that offers service across the state of Alaska.

    "What has made us unique is the method in which we redifine waste management through recycling, compost and biodiesel production," Vahl continues. "Innovative ideas allow us to be environmental stewards while offering additional services to our customers."

    Currently, seven full time employees here in Kodiak keep the trucks running, containers repaired, garbage picked up and phone calls answered. They offer a variety of services and hauling solutions for residential, commercial and construction customers on the road system. Here's information on some of the new services they will be offering:

    • Residents living within the city limits will be provided with 1 of 3 sizes of Roll Cart for weekly roadside service. Outside city limits Alaska Waste provides residential dumpsters or roll off containers.
    • Commercial services are provided to businesses in a variety of sizes and frequency of pick up.
    • Construction Roll Off service provides the best solution for the do-it-yourselfer or contractor. The container is delivered and emptied at the request of the customer.

    For more information on services and disposal methods go to www.alaskawaste.net, stop by the offices on Mill Bay Road or give them a call at 486-5308.


  • Thank You to Our Renewing Members

    A big Thank You to all our renewing members!

    Cheryl Fair
    Credit Union 1
    Carrie Morton
    Residential Mortgage, LLC
    Bronwyn Lyman
    The Kodiak Company
    Andy Varner
    Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference
    Erin Harrington
    Dory Associates/Erin Harrington
    Marc Ignacio
    Island Style Mobile Entertainment
    Bill Franklin & Doyle Hatfield
    Saltery Lake Lodge
    Zoya Saltonstall
    A Balanced Approach
    Dave Ostlund
    Kodiak Military History Museum
    Penelope & Charles Lorenson Mike & Kathy Rostad
    A Kodiak Welcome Bed & Breakfast
    Mark Withrow, MD
    Kodiak Island Medical Associates


    Tom Quass
    Kodiak Arts Council
    Bill MacKay
    Alaska Airlines
    John Whiddon
    Island Fish Co. dba Island Seafoods
    Gary Anthony
    Kodiak Fishmeal Company
    Pat Branson
    Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc.
    Bob Brodie
    Associated Ilsand Brokers, Inc.


  • Economic Development News by Trevor Brown

    "Productive Meeting"
    ...Doesn't Have To Be A Contradiction In Terms!

    Regular meetings are an important part of assuring quality teamwork. Unfortunately, meetings can often be described as non-productive wastes of time.
    Here are some ground rules (a "code of conduct") for meetings that, if followed, can almost guarantee to turn that wasted time into productive time:
    • Be as open as possible, but honor everyone's right to privacy.
    • Provide information that is specific and focused on the task at hand.
    • Use time wisely - start the meeting on time and end the meeting promptly.
    • Publish an agenda before, and publish outcomes after, the meeting.
    • Only one person speaks at a time.
    • Job titles are left at the door.
    • No finger-pointing - address the process of the outcome, not the individual.
    • Everyone is expected to participate and to respect and support the right to be heard.
    • Be open to new concepts and to concepts presented in new ways.
    • Check for understanding - summarize or paraphrase frequently to ensure that what is being said is being heard and understood.

    • Take a census at the conclusion of the meeting ("did we cover what we wanted to cover; are there things you liked or didn't like; how can we do things better next time").
    • If the purpose of the meeting is to reach a decision, make sure that the decision-maker is at the meeting and that the people who need to provide input are either present or adequately represented.
    • Criticize only ideas - not the people who generate them.
    • Request an example if a point is not clear.
    • Confine your discussion to the current topic.
    • Share the lime light.
    • Stick to the agenda, but don't be fanatical about it, if things progressing and the relevant ideas are flowing, keep it rolling.
    • Respect differences -don't discount the ideas put forth by others.
    • Be willing to forgive.

    Reprinted here with permission from The Chamber of Commerce Pacesetter.

  • President's Message by Lindsay Knight

    Hello Everyone!

    Crab Fest was a huge success again this year, largely due to Pam Foreman and the Crab Fest Committee!! Golden Wheels Amusement took advantage of the additional room on the Kennicott and brought over extra rides and games. Kodiak kids were introduced to the hair raising ride, The Apollo, while littler kids got to enjoy the Safari Train or go for a spin on the Whirlwind. In addition to our many returning vendors, we had several new vendors to the festival. I am particularly fond of the new scallop wraps!! Overall, we had a 10% increase in vendors this year, all of whom plan to return. Our theme was "Rain or Shine", but I do confess, I did tease Pam that it should have been, "Rain or Rain." The weather on opening Thursday was very nice!! Hope you all had a blast and we will do it again next year.

    It is on a sad note that we are losing Executive Director Deb King to the state of Maine. We will all miss her dearly. We will be led, however, by our very able Economic Development Specialist, Trevor Brown while the search committee diligently seeks out a new Executive Director.  Bob Brodie, Janet Buckingham, Don Rush, John Whiddon, Dan Rohrer and I are on the search committee.

    Mark your calendars now for a special Chamber Forum on July 6th when Congressman Don Young will give us a Washington Update.  The meeting will be held at Noon at the Best Western Kodiak Inn.

    Then on Monday, July 12th, we'll have our regular Member Monday luncheon forum featuring new Alaska Waste site manager, Rick Vahl. Learn all about the new trash collection programs and billing for your business.  That's Noon on Monday, July 12th at the Best Western Kodiak Inn.

    Typically on the first Monday of each month, the Chamber hosts a luncheon called "Member Monday".  The meetings feature a variety of speakers and topics and are open to members, their employees and the public.  Folks walk away with an increased knowledge of business ideas and we would like to see more people attend. If there is someone you would like to hear speak or a business topic you would like to see covered, then please contact Pam about scheduling. Help us make this grow for the good of us all.

    Our next Business After Hours is on July 16th and will be hosted by Koniag Inc. at their new building on Near Island.  Wrapping up the eventful month, Carrie Morton and the gang at Residential Mortgage will host the traditional end of July Business After Hours. This will be from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Friday July 30th at their offices at 1712 Mill Bay Road. Catered by Gwyn's, this promises to be a fun and tasty event.

    Business After Hours, or BAH's, are one of the many ways we can help you promote your businesses. Contact Pam at the Chamber office if you have an interest in hosting one! And please do attend each month!!


    Lindsay Knight