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September 2010

  • Chamber Bids Farewell to Foreman

    Pam Foreman, current Community Relations Director at the Chamber, is heading off to new employment horizons later this month.  Foreman, who has been the Community Relations Director since 2007 and served as a representative on the Chamber's board of directors for several years prior to thats, will be the new Development Director at KMXT.

    "We wish Pam well and look forward to working with her in her new capacity," said Trevor Brown.

  • 2011 Crab Fest Poster Contest
  • Business After Hours - September 17, 2010
  • Federal Government Gives up on COLA
    Reprinted from ALASKA ECONOMIC TRENDS, AUGUST 2010

    For over four decades, most federal workers in Alaska received an additional 25 percent of tax -free dollars in their paychecks. It was the gold standard in the COLA world. After many years of study, litigation, and temporary changes the flat COLA adjustment is now history. Over the next three years, the federal government is moving to locality pay which has existed everywhere in the country except Alaska and Hawaii. This means that federal workers' compensation will not be based on the cost of living; instead, it will be adjust to reflect what other workers in Alaska earn.

  • Employer Tip by Maureen Butler
  • How Would You Define Your Leadership Style?

    by Tim Connor, CSP

    Leadership can be such a nebulous subject. There are many ways to define it and describe it but after all is said and done leadership is not a position but a mindset, a philosophy and a set of attitudes. Leaders are everywhere and in every type of business and then there are those businesses that seem to be void of any degree of effective leadership in the management ranks. These organizations tend to be stuck in a heavy micro management or dysfunctional outdated approach to growing an organization profitably.

    Entire books have been written on this simple yet complex subject. There are five day seminars on leadership that just scratch the surface and there are more management gurus than we could every need everywhere you look these days. If all of these are true, then why are there organizations that lack a clear and focused leadership style? One word folks, arrogance.

    We all have personal blind spots, those traits that we have or don’t have or think we have when we don’t. A blind spot is nothing more than blurred vision when it comes to viewing reality. Want to know what kind of a leader you are, just ask your employees. But why wait? Why not a little introspection or self analysis before any of your leadership flaws takes their toll on the future success health and wealth of your business.

    Your management style regardless of how you would describe or define it is the driving force in your business. If you are failing, look in the mirror. If you are succeeding, look in the mirror but don’t take the credit. If you are uncertain as to what to do next or what direction to head do you think this might be having a direct impact your employee’s performance and productivity? If you are losing money, look in the mirror and if profits are off the chart, look in the mirror, but again don’t take the credit.

    Leadership is not about things but people, not about activities but vision not about results but focus and not about money but services. Leadership ultimately will define you as a manger not your ability to recruit, coach, train or any other management role. Leadership is why you are doing what you are doing and not how. It is about why people follow you and not what they do it is about sharing a dream and not counting pennies or looking over people’s shoulders every minute of every day.

    I’ll leave you will a few simple questions.

    • Is your leadership style trusting and empowering?
    • Is it showing people the path ahead and inspiring them to follow it even if they don’t know where it leads?
    • Is it grounded in integrity and openness?
    • And, is it allowing employees to utilize their talent, ability, skills and attitudes in everyone’s best interest?

    Reprinted here with permission from The Chamber of Commerce Pacesetter

  • An Invitation to a Community Reception
  • President's Message by Lindsay Knight
    Hello Everyone,

    Hope you had a great summer, we are about to get busy with Chamber activities again.

    September 17th, the Business After Hours will be hosted by the businesses at the Center Street Commercial Building. Our hosts will be St. Denny's Surveying, Inc., Emily's Alterations & Design, Coastline Computers of Kodiak, and Subway of Kodiak. The BAH will run from 5:30pm to 7:00pm and features door prizes, split the pot and appetizers.

    Our Member Monday, on September 20th, is a panel discussion titled "The Importance of Bonding Proposition B to Kodiak's Fishing Future." Our Borough Mayor, Jerome Selby, Steve Honnold Regional Supervisor, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and Bob Foy, NOAA's Kodiak Laboratory Director will be the panelists. This is at the Best Western Kodiak Inn at noon. Come learn about the bonding proposition and ask questions of our panelists.

    On September 28th, the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce and KMXT are hosting the annual local Candidate Forum. This will be held at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly Chambers and broadcast on KMXT at 100.1 FM. We also hope to televise the event as well and will be working with GCI to see if that can happen.

    I'd like to welcome new members, Joellen Podoll with Healthy Tomorrows, Donna Jones with Big Bear Taxi & Charters #11, Liz Naughton & Diana Fogler with Kodiak K-Nine-Kuts and Brenda & Jerrol Friend with Friend Contractors, LLC. Please visit these new businesses

    I'd also like to say "Welcome Aboard" to our newest Chamber employee, Josh Bell. Josh is stepping into the Economic Development Specialist position replacing Trevor Brown. Stop by to say "hello" to Josh or give him a call at 486-5557.

    Be involved with YOUR Chamber of Commerce

    Lindsay Knight

  • Thank You to Our New and Renewing Members!

    Please join us in welcoming our new members!

    Healthy Tomorrows
    Joellen Podell

    Big Bear Taxi and Charters #11
    Donna Jones

    Kodiak K-Nine Kuts
    Liz Naughten

    Friend Contractors, LLC
    Jerrol & Brenda Friend




    And a big Thank You to all our renewing members!

    William & Linda Bulen Pat Tabon
    Petro Star, Inc. dba North Pacific Fuel
    Maureen Butler
    State of Alaska Kodiak Job Center
    Sharon Moore
    Cy's Sporting Goods, Inc.
    Alan Austerman Stacie Peterson
    George Gatter
    Tony's Bar
    Dayton Wandersee
    Red Hook Construction
    April Eads
    Food Services of America

    Aimee Kniaziowski
    City of Kodiak, City Manager

    Robert Polasky
    Sun'aq Tribe of Kodiak

    Joyce Gregory, Assistant VP
    Key Bank National Association


    Katie Oliver
    Kodiak Historical Society/Baranov Museum

    Rick Kniaziowski
    Horizon Lines

    Sven Haakanson Jr & Carol Austerman
    Alutiiq Museum

    Karen Winkler
    Kodiak Football League

    John & Maureen Eaton

    Linda Salem
    Shelikof Lodge

    Linda Kozak
    Kozak & Associates, Inc.

    Pete Eberhardt
    Eberhardt Advertising & Publishing

    Monica James
    Alaska Aerospace Corporation

    Martha Keegan
    An Island Suite

    Rick Vahl
    Alaska Waste/Kodiak

    Rick Gifford
    Kodiak Island Borough, Manager

    Tammy Conahan
    Dillingham Chamber of Commerce

    Thomas Dooley
    Island Computers

    Dennis McMurry
    Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair

    Mike Munsey
    Munsey's Bear Camp

    Kwang Lee
    Kodiak Mongolian BBQ

    Tomio Demura
    Old Powerhouse

    Evelyn Wiszinckas, Phd
    Kodiak Psychology Services

    Roaln Ruoss & Jo Murphy
    Sea Hawk Air

    Chris Lund
    World Wide Movers

    James Eggemeyer
    Eggemeyer's Inc.

    John F. Kozub

    Elaine Nisson & Mark Liland
    Northern Air Cargo

    Melony Lechner
    The Next Page

    Anna Spencer
    Monk's Rock Bookstore and Coffee House

    John Shank
    Eyecare Excellence PC

    Al Burch
    Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association

    Dr. Jeremiah Myers
    Vision Clinic and Sally's Eyeland

    Curtis Law
    Aksala Electonics Inc.

    Rev. Todd Putney
    Communitiy Baptist Church


  • Chamber Welcomes Josh Bell

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    josh_smallsnv33265Josh Bell joined the chamber as the new Economic Development Specialist in August. He brings a background of marketing with an emphasis in business to the position.

    Josh moved to Kodiak in August 2010 with his wife Valerie, a school psychologist intern for Kodiak Island school district. Valerie hopes to obtain a full time position at the district once her internship is complete. Josh most recently worked for the McDonald's corporation in Charleston, SC where he was the marketing coordinator for 16 restaurants. While there, he developed the first market-wide Teacher's Night in the Charleston area, creating community awareness for the restaurants with local schools and the surrounding businesses. Josh also helped launch the McCafe brand, successfully promoting it in the Charleston area.

    Josh received his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Robert Morris University, located outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Outside the office, Josh's interests are golf, paintball, fishing, working on cars and constructing/tinkering on various projects.

    Josh's goals for the position are to continue with the great programs Trevor has implemented and to create new opportunities for growth in the community. He is very excited about the upcoming Rodeo and State Fair as this will be his first island celebration that he has heard so much about. He says the most exciting opportunity will be working with the members and local governments in his new position. Please help us in welcoming our newest employee.