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Relocating to Kodiak
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Relocating to Kodiak

2021 Relocation Guide

The Kodiak Chamber has created the relocation guide to assist those moving to Kodiak or about to start their move, or simply to learn more about what the Kodiak Community has to offer. It contains our full Member Directory along with facts and info about life in Kodiak!


You can access an electronic copy by clicking on the image, or to request a physical copy, email, or call the Chamber office (907) 486-5557.

Member businesses and local residents are welcome to pick up free copies of the guide at the office.

Relocation Links
The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the winners of the 2020 Relocation Guide photo contests!

We’d like to congratulate Ellen Carty who won the 2021 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Relocation Guide Photo Contest!


We’d also like to congratulate our other Relocation Guide winners:

  • Denise Link
  • Mallory Sekerak

We’d like to thank everyone for submitting their wonderful photos! This was not an easy contest to judge! Please keep your eyes out this Spring for the 2021 Relocation Guide to see these and some of the other wonderful entries!